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How could you not want to sit in this chair? It’s a worthy addition to a funky, artsy garden, hand-constructed from reclaimed metal parts and with a grill from a Jeep giving it a quirky personality (assuming a chair can be said to have a personality). This piece was found at Renga Arts,, a gallery in Somona specializing in art made from recycled and reclaimed materials.

The Giving Tree, Revisited

A throne fit for a forest queen! This stump-turned-chair from the northern woods of Ashland, Oregon is lovely example of how death can be given new life. Have to cut down a tree in your yard or garden? Is it in a good spot for contemplation, conversation, chillin’? Consider this au natural, totally local and 100 percent organic garden furniture. This is an especially great idea if you have little kids (remember building forts?). But young or old, wouldn’t we all like to be cuddled by the heart of a mighty tree?

Sit on This!: Old & Board is New and Cool

What is a garden if not a refuge in which to relax, to contemplate, to chill? Reserving space for the “hang out and enjoy” area is an aspect of landscape design that should never be overlooked. The folks at the San Francisco-based furniture company, Old & Board, seem to think so too, only they factor in the concepts of beauty and sustainability in addition to functionality. All their custom-made chairs are crafted from reclaimed wood (sometimes even out of the ubiquitous pallet), and though some of their chairs retain evidence of the wood’s previous use, in others the original grain and luster of the wood is artfully invited back to life.

After admiring the vitality of Old & Board’s creations, it’s hard to imagine buying cheap outdoor furniture at a stripmall hardware store that will eventually end up in a landfill. And though they’re not tacky and plastic, their chairs are far from über chi-chi. As they put it on their website: “We love imperfections. Nail holes, wood knots and discoloration – that is what makes these chairs unique. If you are looking for clean lines or a contemporary look, these pieces most likely aren’t for you. Just being honest.”