Design and Installation

Small Spot Gardens is a outdoor design firm and licensed landscape contractor focused on creating intimate urban gardens.  We work closely with clients to collaboratively develop a garden plan that will allow them to get the most out of their outdoor space and then install the hardscape, plant material and accents.  For more information about our design style and approach, please visit our About page and to see photos of our previous gardens you can visit our Portfolio page.

Our Process

Discovery and Assessment Phase

When we first get together we’ll talk about the changes you’d like to make and how you’d like to be able to use the garden.  We’ll look at sample garden images to begin figuring out the general feel and start to create an ideabook for your future reference.  We’ll also take a soil sample in case you decide you’d like to have soil test and complete a garden health assessment so you can make sound decisions about your landscape.

If the project seems like a good fit, Small Spot Gardens will prepare a preliminary estimate with the costs for design, estimates for any projects that are straightforward and sample estimates for projects that have a lot of tbd details.  Each garden design is different in scope so the preliminary estimate will also outline the design process for your particular project.

Concept Phase

During the concept phase, we’ll develop an overall garden layout, pinpoint hardscape details, explore accent options and narrow down plant palettes.  Once we’ve gone through the collaborative design process, Small Spot Gardens will prepare a final installation estimate, a layout sketch and image collection.  Because we are an installation firm, we don’t offer stand-alone design documents (ie construction documents or planting plans).

Installation Phase

At this point you can decide to move ahead with all or a portion of the installation sub-projects based on your priorities and budget.  We’ll determine a materials deposit and begin to schedule your project when the deposit and design fee have been received.  After the installation begins, we’ll check in frequently to make sure the project is proceeding as you expected.  We handle nearly all of the installation in-house, relying only occasionally on electricians, plumbers and concrete contractors.


When the installation is complete, we’ll have a final walk-through to explain what to expect from your new garden as it matures and to discuss options for ongoing care.

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