Garden Care Services

Our garden care is what some would describe as garden maintenance.  It’s ongoing, regular attention to your garden plants, irrigation system, and hardscape.  We like to think of it as garden nurturing because plants grow and change over time, and our garden care services are focused on continual improvement and adaptation as these changes occur. We keep your garden looking great, but we also spend time thinking about the future and will periodically suggest ways to improve the plant mix, reduce water use, update parts of the hardscape, etc.

After we see your yard and discuss what you’re looking for, we’ll send an estimate that will include labor as well as a minimal materials charge for odds and ends.   Typically, after a several month period, we can switch to a flat monthly fee to make budgeting easier.  We’ll also discuss sample plant palettes with you so we know what types of plants appeal to you and then also give you an estimate for adding in perennials and shrubs over time.

Because preventing pests is healthier and easier than responding to pests, we provide the best environment for your plants so they stay healthy.  That means working to control weeds before they take over, watering appropriately, mulching, feeding appropriately, etc.  If plants do become sick or infested, we first address the problem without chemicals (ie removing infected leaves, spraying with water etc).  If that doesn’t work, we’ll try organic, safe horticultural soap or oil or beneficial insects.  If organic methods don’t work we will recommend replacing the plant with one more suited to the environment.  We do not spray with unsafe chemicals.  We use hand tools whenever we can and use electric tools instead of gas (gas landscape equipment is notoriously loud and polluting).  We compost our greenwaste and are happy to leave leaf bags for your street-side pick up whenever possible to avoid a disposal fee.

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