Recommendation: SF’s new Crosstown Trail

By Lauren Lewis

Hidden Garden StepsWe’ve entered the rainy season (phew!), which means fulfilling our need for outdoor time will take a little extra effort. If you’re feeling a bit ambitious, one fun way to be outside in the city would be to walk the Crosstown Trail, a new continuous walking route that runs diagonally across SF from Candlestick Park to Lands End. The trail and its originators were recently profiled in the New York Times, and while the author holds a pessimistic view of SF in its current form, the trail itself and the ideas behind its creation are full of optimism. So whether you choose a free day and hike it end-to-end or you cover the trail in small stretches (maybe a fun 2020 goal!), you’re likely to see some of SF you haven’t seen before and you’re certain to get some beneficial nature time.

Update: I did this hike end-to-end on January 5th and it was truly epic. My legs were sore for a good chunk of the next week, but now when I drive by all the various places I walked I have such good memories and pride in myself and our city.

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