Big (Bright) Bang, part II

More color!

This wine barrel embodies simplicity and purpose: painting the metal bands yellow to accent the yellow flowers of the thunbergia vine took about fifteen minutes yet has a significant impact on the design.  It’ll be great when the vine covers the back wall …

A favorite spot in the Mission: Choosing an understated shade of green for the structure (which actually houses a pool table — cool!) lets the predominant colors of the garden – bright pink, purple, and yellow – seem all the more wild and vivid.

Selecting such a bright — almost florescent, really — green for the rear wall not only provides a cheerful backdrop for the plants but also offers a needed contrast to the earthy tones of the hardscaping: the grey tones of the pebble path, the wooden deck, and the worn bricks.  And for the grand color finale, check out this combo:



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