Old Windows + The Outer Sunset = Happy Plants

In permaculture, there’s a principal that goes something like, “The problem is the solution”. This little greenhouse pretty much typifies that concept. The “problem” here being the Outer Sunset’s characteristically foggy clime. There are some far out gardens in this neighborhood, for sure. But the grey is prohibitive to many would-be gardeners. The “problem”, Part II: Our landfills are clogged with construction materials. Luckily, there’s a creatively executed solution: Build a greenhouse out of old windows! It seems so simple, right?

This hidden gem stands behind The General Store, a little hipster boutique on Judah between 45thand 46th avenue, next to Trouble Coffee, Outerlands, and perhaps the most lovely, organic parklet in all of San Francisco. Greenhouses are magic, transforming a small, often harsh space into a productive haven. This one, designed and built by Sausalito-based artist Jesse Schlesinger is so damn cute and resourceful, as well. Go check it out and get inspired like we are. –Katie

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