Mission Pie

In the spring of 2011, Mission Pie decided to replant their sidewalk garden at the corner of 25th and Mission. This local pie shop sources ingredients from its own organic farm in Half Moon Bay, and since it was a sidewalk garden it wouldn’t be possible to use any of the fruits or vegetables for baking. As such, Small Spot Gardens worked with the owners of Mission Pie to design and plant a garden that would symbolize a farm instead.

In addition, three main factors were involved in this project: 1.) the plants couldn’t be easily “stealable”, 2.) edibles had to predominate, and 3.) the city wouldn’t allow any species that could attract pests. One other significant design limitation was the shade on this north-facing plot.

Ultimately, the symbolic farm was a success. Over a dozen food crop species were planted — from trees to ground-covering herbs — including almond, flowering quince, Yerba Buena, strawberry, mint, sage, artichoke, kale, elderberry, currant, citrus, and rosemary.

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