Small Spot Gardens has a special skill in working with restaurants and other businesses to provide attractive and usable kitchen or display gardens.  Maintaining an up-to-date, interesting garden is important for drawing in customers and a neglected garden can ruin an otherwise great atmosphere.  In particular, for restaurants that believe in local purchasing there’s nothing closer to home than getting herbs and other edibles right on site.  Establishments in the city don’t have the space for a full farm but Small Spot Gardens can create an aesthetically pleasing garden in a limited space and incorporate herbs, flower blossoms and other edibles that the kitchen or bar can use.

First Small Spot Gardens will take an inventory of the fresh products you use and work with you to create a list of items that will thrive in your setting.  Then we’ll fill out the rest of the garden with more edibles or ornamentals depending on what you’re looking for.  We’ll install the garden and drip irrigation and set up a regular maintenance schedule which is critical for keeping an edible garden attractive.  Depending on the type of edibles chosen, this garden will change and go through different phases quickly and Small Spot Gardens will develop a planting plan to ensure that the garden transitions through the seasons gracefully.

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