Just because you rent doesn’t mean you should abandon hope of having a beautiful outdoor space.  Small Spot Gardens loves to work with renters and their landlords to create great spaces for those who don’t own their homes.  Renters have unique needs – they are understandably reluctant to invest a large amount of money in a garden they can’t take with them, they’re frequently unable to make significant changes to the established landscape, and they often don’t want to wait too long for the plants to grow to maturity.

Small Spot Gardens addresses these special constraints by focusing the design on plants and materials that bring immediate style and livability to the outdoor space.  There’s added emphasis on the transportability of purchased elements, especially costly plants, and the landscape plan also helps the client use the space they have access to while creatively hiding eyesores that may exist in other parts of the yard.  Click on the following pages to see examples of gardens created for renters:

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