Dynamo Donuts

Who wants to look at a junky, overgrown backyard mess while eating a gourmet maple-bacon donut? At Dynamo Donut in the Mission District, the number one priority was to hide the chainlink fence and get some vibrant plants to replace the neglected dying ones. This spot gets tons of sun, so lots of drought tolerant species were planted, then heavily mulched to help the soil retain moisture and organically suppress weeds. Dudleya, agave, kangaroo paw, and aloe all immediately helped the situation. Bright flowers instantly perked up area, too: Nasturtium, thumbergia (which also disguised the chainlink fence), and Chinese lantern — all sun lovers.

The Dynamo bakers wanted some edible species they could incorporate into their deep-fried creations. Rosemary and rose-scented geraniums were two obvious choices (both of these Mediterranean species love the sun and are drought-tolerant, as well). The owner had brought in some plants from her own residence to nurse back to health, so those were factored into the design, too, often in decorative container arrangements.

The design also called for the back fence being painted a lemony yellow, which augments the green and yellow variegated yucca leaves and is a pretty contrast to the blue-violet morning glory vines. Additionally, a redwood fence and furniture lend a more natural sense than the metal fence could.

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