The following is a list of actions that we’ve suggested on our Instagram profile. (If you’re here for landscaping services, please click one of the above links to learn more about our work.)

Click here to send tweets to SF supervisors asking them to reject the current SF POA contract

Click here to read more details about the POA contract

Click here for more info and phone numbers to support SB 731:

Send an email to your supervisor opposing the proposed contract between the city and the SFPOA that was negotiated behind closed doors, provides a 6% raise over 3 years, and does not include any meaningful commitments to hold officers accountable. Demand that the contract is renegotiated in a transparent manner with the input of impacted community members, that the contract contents are available to the public via a public hearing, and that there is opportunity for public comment before the contract vote. Even our Police Chief has signed an open letter stating that “Contracts and labor laws hamstring efforts to swiftly rid departments of problematic behavior and as law enforcement executives, we call for a review of those contracts and laws.” For more information read this article and this article.


Sign individual petitions for medical vulnerable people in CA prisons:

California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation COVID-19 Population Tracker – COVID-19 is sweeping through prison populations at a disturbing rate. Learn more here.

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Abolish Policing- Critical Resistance

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